Golf Scholarships

College Golf Scholarships

Golf is becoming the favorite past time among Americans. Just a few years ago, golf was considered a past time for affluent and wealthy. But with the entrants of players such as Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie, golf has bocome very popular among minorities and women. This also includes high school kids. To encourage more and more high school kids to join golf, several scholarships have come up. For exampla, Tiger Woods Foundation grants focus on providing opportunities to underserved youth, ages 5-17, with the average grant range between $2,500 and $25,000.

NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA Golf Scholarships

To our editorial team's own surprise NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA approve golf as an emerging sport and they have more than a thousand scholarships for DIV I, DIV II, and DIV III colleges and junior colleges. Sports Illustrated has been maintaing a list of top colleges for playing golf. To rate these schools they have taken several things into consideration: number of national titles, number of first-team All-Americas, the names that have come out of the program and the success the program has shown at the NCAA Championships in the last five years